Beinte Singko-Festival of memories: Sr. Mariani Dimaranan, sfic
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Monday, 19 September 2011 13:32
Beinte Singko-Festival of memories: Sr. Mariani Dimaranan, sfic

Sr_Mariani_smallOn September 21, 1972, President Ferdinand Marcos declared Martial Law. It was his way of quelling the rising tide of protest against the inequitable economic policy of his administration: “The rich get richer and the poor get poorer.”

Faced by this worsening threat to the life and existence of the multitude of Filipinos, the Biblical passage- “You cannot serve two masters at one and the same time… God and Money…”- must have plucked a main chord in the heart of Sr. Mariani Dimaranan, a religious Sister of the Franciscans of the Immaculate Conception (SFIC).

Her zeal for the Creator who created all peoples – men and women – in their Creator’s image knew no bounds. And mindful of the danger of her own life, she rose to defend and uphold the rights of all peoples.

Logo2_copy_smallChallenged by the galloping spread of human rights violations, the Association of Major Religious Superiors in the Philippines (AMRSP) established the Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP). Acknowledging Sr. Mariani’s evangelical option for the poor, the AMRSP fittingly recognized her as the TFDP Chairperson from April, 1974 to September, 1996.

Rising to her leadership role in the TFDP, Sr. Mariani very soon became identified synonymously with TFDP and a symbol of the collective courage of people who bravely stood for human rights and resisted state terrorism.

[Excerpts from the Foreword of Bishop Julio X. Labayen, O.C.D., D.D., Chairperson of TFDP Board of Trustees, in the book “Mariani, a woman of a kind” Published by TFDP in December 2002]
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Bente Singko: A Festival of Memories, A Creation of New Stories
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Monday, 19 September 2011 13:13
Bente Singko: A Festival of Memories, A Creation of New Stories

Logo2_copy_smallBente Singko: A Festival of Memories, A Creation of New Stories seeks to mainstream human rights and remind the people of the horrors of Martial Law and take stock of its lessons so that those dark years may never happen again.  Bente Singko will use the arts, both visual and literary, as the venue to convey the message to the people.  It will be an opportunity for artists who witnessed and even experienced the atrocities of martial law to share their stories and influence the public, especially today’s youth, to always remain vigilant.

A festival of memories

Bente Singko commemorates the downfall of dictatorship by bringing back the memories and stories about heroism of freedom fighters, human rights defenders, activists and revolutionaries during that time.  It’s a story telling through the arts.  

A creation of new stories

Bente Singko will also encourage expression and interpretation of the new generation about issues that are still present up to now.
The festival will be conducted in 5 schools. This will be instrumental in empowering students through the inputs of various artists. TFDP, having been established during the height of Martial Law, will look back at the struggles of the people, during Martial Law and learn from its lessons.

Sub events:

  • Tinamaan ka ng lente- 25 photos of the past, 25 photos of the present
  • Berso sa kalsada, tula ng paglaya – 25 literary pieces of the past, 25 literary works of the present
  • Bente Singko films showing – 25 video productions about martial law
  • Bente Singko at konsiyerto – 25 music artists against martial law
  • Martial Law Monument design and slogan making contest - An obelisk that will memorialize our ML experience and our continuous fight against impunity


Festival of Memories:

  • Martial Law Photo Exhibit in schools and online posting of materials on events, peoples and places contained in the Museum of Courage and Resistance.
  • Bente Singko Film showing: Martial Law videos

Creation of new stories:

  • Tinamaan ka ng lente: photo contest
  • Berso sa kalsada tula ng paglaya: Poetry writing contest
  • Martial Law Monument design and slogan making contest

Bente Singko: A Festival of Memories, A Creation of New Stories-HR week Festival

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We have RAGED!
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Thursday, 01 September 2011 09:58

We have RAGED!
(Run AGainst Enforced Disappearance)

We, the families of the disappeared and human rights advocates in the Philippines, gather today to commemorate the International Day of the Disappeared through our activity, Run Against Enforced Disappearance (RAGED).  

We have RAGED that this day should never have been commemorated if only States around the world including all their instrumentalities had respected the human rights of their citizens.

We have RAGED that enforced disappearance is still being used as a repressive tool to stifle dissent and to silence political opposition. It is one of the cruelest forms of human rights violations.  It violates practically all civil liberties and human rights including the right to life.

We have RAGED that the cases of enforced or involuntary disappearances are, by their very nature, not only difficult to investigate and prosecute, but they continue to occur while past incidences unabated and unresolved. The Families of Victims of Involuntary Disappearance (FIND) has documented 2,160 victims of enforced disappearances since the dark years of Martial Law.  Six victims have been reported under the present Aquino administration.  Lamentably, with the absence of prosecution, impunity is the order of the day and the number of victims is doomed to multiply.

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Joint Statement on the 26th Commemoration of the Enforced Disappearance of Fr. Rudy Romano, CsSR
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Tuesday, 12 July 2011 13:35
At around 3:45 PM, a man riding a blue motorcycle was blocked by armed men, shoved into a white Ford Cortina bearing government license plates and taken away.  The person would later on fit the description of Fr. Rudy Romano, CsSR.

It was July 11, 1985. He was 44 years old.

Twenty six years later, we still ask the question asked by many on that fateful day, “Where is Fr. Rudy?”.

Perhaps his enforced disappearance was orchestrated by those could not live with his leadership role in the progressive movement or perhaps by those whose interests were threatened by his community organizing and fraternizing with the basic masses – the workers, the farmers, the poor.  Perhaps he inspired resistance against the injustices perpetrated by the forces that be. Perhaps his abduction was meant to silence the growing anti-dictatorship sentiments in the province.
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