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End the list! Sign and Ratify the Convention Against Disappearances Immediately!-CAED
Other campaigns
Wednesday, 27 May 2015 12:15
CAED Statement on the International Week of the Disappeared

"End the list! Sign and Ratify the Convention Against Disappearances Immediately!"

11265477_10153314294307673_8178387056375191908_oJonas Burgos, Rudy Romano, Hermon Lagman, Joseph Belar, Jovencio Lagare, Romualdo Orcullo, Diosdado Oliver, Artemio Ayala, Arnold Dangkiasan, Edgardo Estojero, Renato Topacio, Sherlyn Cadapan, Karen Empeño, Leo Velasco, Manuel Manaog, the list of the disappeared goes on with no end in sight. They may have been silenced, but their friends and families continue to speak up. And now, their friends and families demand that government end the list immediately.

In observance of the International Week of the Disappeared, the Coalition Against Enforced Disappearance (CAED) stands in solidarity with other organizations around the world in pushing for the universal ratification of the International Convention for the Protection of All Persons from Enforced Disappearance (ICPAPED). CAED calls on the Philippine Government to sign and ratify the Convention immediately!

“In a country plagued by impunity and a weak justice system, it is imperative that we ratify the Convention as it will complement our domestic law,” said Mary Aileen Diez-Bacalso, CAED Convenor and Secretary-General of the Asian Federation Against Involuntary Disappearances (AFAD). The Philippines is the first country in Asia that enacted an anti-enforced disappearance law (RA 10353), and yet no perpetrator has been convicted under such law.
Last Updated on Wednesday, 27 May 2015 12:26
ATM Statement on Pope Francis’ Encyclical “Laudato Sii" (“Praise Be To You”)
On Mining
Friday, 19 June 2015 16:48
ATM Statement on Pope Francis’ Encyclical “Laudato Sii" (“Praise Be To You”)
18 June 2015

As his holiness Pope Francis said in his homily on February 9, 2015 in Vatican, “A Christian who does not protect creation, who does not let it grow, is a Christian who does not care about the work of God … And this is the first response to the first creation: protect creation, make it grow.”


It is with this that Alyansa Tigil Mina (ATM), an alliance of environmental and human rights groups composed of more than a hundred organizations and partners all over the Philippines expresses its full appreciation and support to his Holiness, Pope Francis, on this monumental day, June 18 of the present time as he gives light to one of the world’s most pressing issues: the environment and climate change.
Golden treasures of a tormented land
Y4R activities
Monday, 07 June 2010 11:47


“Gintong Yaman ng Sinirang Bayan” is a satirical play about dreams, lives and relationships of families in a community in Northern Luzon that is being affected by the impending mining operation in the area.

The play is set in a barrio in Nueva Vizcaya during the course of a foreign mining company’s application in the province. The residents of the community find themselves with differing stands and opinions regarding the mining operation which poses to offer the residents with a golden opportunity.


Ruben, in his search for the golden dream and his quest to make it big, grabbed the scholarship grant from the mining company, much to his mother’s dismay.  Other inhabitants of the community engage themselves in heated debates regarding the positive and negative effects the mining operation will bring.  

Ruben must decide.  Will he go after his golden dream despite the disapproval of his loved ones and the destruction of his native land?  What is the truth behind his father’s death and what will its implication be on Ruben’s decision?

Last Updated on Monday, 07 June 2010 12:08
[Urgent Appeal] Harassment; red tagging of Emily Fajardo, a community organizer assisting the Federation of Lamao Concerned Citizens, Inc. (FLACCI) in Barangay Lamao, Limay, Bataan
General Campaigns
Thursday, 09 July 2015 12:53

July 8, 2015

(PHILIPPINES) Harassment; red tagging of Emily Fajardo, a community organizer assisting the Federation of Lamao Concerned Citizens, Inc. (FLACCI) in Barangay Lamao, Limay, Bataan

ISSUES: physical integrity, in the form of the right to life, liberty and security of the person, individual liberty, in the form of the freedoms of movement, speech, association and assembly, rights as a human rights defender


Dear friends,

Task Force Detainees of the Philippines (TFDP) writes to inform you about the harassment of Emily Fajardo, a community organizer assisting the Federation of Lamao Concerned Citizens, Inc. (FLACCI) in Barangay Lamao, Limay, Bataan.


Emily Fajardo is a community organizer assisting the Federation of Lamao Concerned Citizens, Inc. (FLACCI) in their fight against the Philippine National Oil Company (PNOC) in Barangay Lamao, Limay, Bataan.

Fajardo and the other FLACCI organizers were invited by a barangay councilor who was supportive of the group’s cause to two Barangay Council sessions last May to give talks to Barangay officials about the harmful effects of coal plants to the environment. However, they were not allowed to continue with the talk as this was allegedly the time that the issues regarding PNOC’s project was being decided upon.

Among the issues were PNOC’s land ownership claim, the proposal for the conversion of the nearby river to a commercial port for use of PNOC, Petron and San Miguel Corporation, and the alleged absence of a barangay hosting resolution. The resolution was one of the legalities needed for PNOC’s coal refinery project, but which would also mean that PNOC and the Barangay had to have had public consultations and dialogues before their project could continue – but no public consultation was ever done.

Fajardo was later informed that some of the Barangay Council members were reluctant to let the group speak because they were “communists”. She was told that they were termed “pulahan” by some of the council members.


In 2009, Emily Fajardo received death threats in relation to her then work with the Nuclear Free Bataan Movement (NFBM). The death threat was sent via text which also tagged Fajardo as “communist”. Some NFBM members, along with Fajardo were also followed by policemen whenever they were doing public addresses, fora, etc. According to Fajardo, this incident has been previously documented.
Last Updated on Thursday, 09 July 2015 12:54
Human rights essential to democracy – UN Expert
Human Rights Defenders' Activities
Friday, 03 December 2010 18:23
3 December 2010

Human rights essential to democracy – UN Expert

December 2 , Manila -- The United Nations Special Rapporteur on the situation of Human Rights Defenders, Margaret Sekaggya, yesterday urged governments in Asia to recognize and protect persons working on human rights issues as “essential” to building democracy.

Sekaggya said, “human rights play an indispensable role in the defense of democracy” as she observed that democracy is at a cross roads in many countries in the region, where the military and conservative parties are making a comeback.

Ms Sekaggaya is in Manila in an unofficial capacity to participate in a regional forum of human rights defenders from 2 to 4 December, in which some 100 human rights activists from 16 countries in Asia are participating.

The UN independent expert from Uganda explained that “criticism and dissent are the lifeblood of a healthy democratic society.”
Last Updated on Saturday, 04 December 2010 14:49
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